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Books and resources to read about social media and influencer marketing

As with every other form of marketing, as the influencer industry matures more and more books and resources about campaign execution, the history of the industry and the theory behind best practise are being published.

Below is a round-up of the ones not to miss. Unless specified, I have read or listened to the media in question and it is included because it comes with my personal recommendation.

Influence: How social media influencer are shaping our digital future, by Sara McCorquodale, CEO and founder of CORQ

A fantastic exposé of the influencer industry through the ages. McCorquodale takes the reader on a journey, from it’s first rumblings with Google Blogger, the rise of Facebook, the battle of Youtube, Instagram’s 2014 explosion through to modern day, asking the tough questions as she goes as well as ‘what’s next?’. Intensely researched and written with a keen insight, this is not only informative but enjoyable to boot.

Highly recommended for anyone already within the industry or who’s looking to understand the industry as a whole better.
Not recommended if you’re looking for strategy or best practise advise and guidance.

Social Media Strategy: a practical guide to social media marketing and customer engagement, by Julie Atherton

Covering all aspects of social media from planning to measurement, Atherton has produced a helpful, step-by-step guide to creating and producing your own social media strategy. Jam-packed with case studies and interviews, there’s also online resources to accompany the book giving you a hands-on approach.

Highly recommended for anyone who is new to social media marketing, or looking to brush up on their skills.
Not recommended for experts in the field

YouTubers: How YouTube shook up TV and created a new generation of stars, by Chris Stokel-Walker, tech journalist for WIRED, The Economist and more

Stokel-Walker spent a number of years researching the platform, charting its rise as well as the individuals it propelled to fame. He’s interviewed 75 people involved in the platform from creators such as KSI to insiders from Google HQ and attended numerous YouTube events to get under its skin.

NB: I haven’t yet read this book and therefore cannot provide a personal recommendation.

Blogosphere Magazine

With their finger on the pulse from a creator’s perspective, Blogosphere is a must read for anyone working in the influencer industry. This is a quarterly magazine, providing in depth articles on a variety of topics that are important to creators and the industry, as well as recommendations for each niche.

Highly recommended for creators and industry professionals who want the full picture
Not recommended if you’re looking for strategy advice, best practise information or instant responses to industry issues

Social Minds Podcast, by Social Chain

A weekly podcast covering everything social media. I particularly like their fortnightly ‘Social in Six’ episodes to stay on top of platform changes and news from the industry. Their hour long interviews with brands like Lonely Planet and Oatly discussing their social strategies along with interviews topics like AR implementation on Snapchat or the representation of disabled individuals in advertising are also excellent.

Highly recommended for up to date industry information and insightful interviews

Serious Influence Podcast, by Blogosphere

A podcast dedicated to the influencer marketing industry, sharing views, experiences, strategies and case studies from both creators and industry professionals. Hosted by Blogosphere founder and CEO Alice Audley, she leaves her interviewees no where to hide, exploring what is both great within the industry and that which needs some work.

Highly recommended for insightful interviews with the industry’s finest and examples of best practise work

When purchasing books, it’s all too easy just to head to Amazon. But please consider if your local book store could order a copy for you , or if you could use an alternative, independent book seller website such as Waterstones or If we don’t diversify where we buy products from, we will simply fuel a retail monopoly. Thank you

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