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Why your engagement rate on Instagram has plummeted in 2019

Throughout 2019 I watched as engagement rates slowly declined on Instagram. Influencers all over the app (and on Twitter when the app crashed – again, and again) creators were all lamenting their dropping engagement rate.

But the evidence was more than anecdotal. At Mumsnet, my team had software tracking all our members’ channels – including Instagram – and we could see very objectively that engagement rates were decreasing overall. It was my personal opinion that this couldn’t be a coincidence.

Usually, an apparent shift in functionality or behaviour on Instagram is because the powers that be behind the platform are preparing something new. And so we waited… But little did we realise quiet how big those changes would truly be.

Last week I published a thread on Twitter explaining the phenomenon and how it it about so much more than simply Instagram ‘hiding likes’…

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